About myself!!

Currently Founder & Principal at Big Data Perspective (From April 2014..)

Previously worked as Entrepreneur in residence (EIR) & Senior Technical Advisor – Big Data Analytics at Launch Capital (Jan 2o14-March2014 )

Previously worked at Platfora (May 2013- Jan 2013):

  • Sr. Engineer at Platfora Inc. (http://www.platfora.com)
  • Worked on one of a kind application which analyze + visualize big data on Hadoop

Previously worked at Microsoft (2005-2013):

  • Enterprise Solution Architect, expertise in Windows Azure Cloud and Hadoop based Big Data solutions
  • Currently leading Windows Azure Rapid Response Team (~14 members worldwide) providing 15 minutes SLA to premier Windows Azure enterprise customers. 
  • Provided architecture guidance to 1000+ Windows Azure partners worldwide
  • Foundation member of Windows Azure HDInsight (project Isotope) since its incubation at Microsoft and an in-house expert running Hadoop clusters on Azure and on-premise. 
  • Provides technical expertise and training to various Microsoft teams worldwide running HDInsight 

Professional Highlight:

  • Innovative and Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Believe the best solutions are the simplest one and try to achieve the same
  • Global Work experience while working with Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, HK, UK, and India with fortune 100 companies and Startups 
  • Proven record in maintaining customer relationship by generating trust through technical expertise and proactive engineering.
  • Well experienced in creating and facilitating technical training’s to larger audiences 
  • Active Cloud and Big Data community member, loves sharing the knowledge through active blogs, forums, newsgroups, YouTube channel, and various global conferences
  • 11.8K+ score on Stackoverflow (http://stackoverflow.com/users/1325423/avkashchauhan)
  • Top 10 Windows Azure Blog at MSDN
  • Cloud and Big Data YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/CloudandBigData)


  • Large scale cloud solution engineering using Windows Azure Core, Storage, CDN, Caching, Azure Service Bus, ACS and Traffic Manager
  • Experience in AWS, RackSpace, AppEngine, Cloud Serveices
  • Cloud application design and development using .Net, Java, Tomcat, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Node.js
  • Apache Hadoop Cluster Deployment and Management 
  • Working knowledge of Map/Reduce, Interactive JavaScript, Pig and Mahout
  • Embedded development on CE, GNU Toolchain, C & Assembly on ARM & MIPS

Twitter – @avkashchauhan

Blog –      http://blogs.msdn.com/b/avkashchauhan/

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/avkashchauhan/

One thought on “About myself!!

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